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Experimente la estimulación simultánea de la próstata y del perineo con el masajeador de próstata cuatripolar Sirius.


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Experimente la estimulación simultánea de la próstata y del perineo con el masajeador de próstata cuatripolar Sirius. Utilícelo con un estimulador de doble canal para activar los 4 contactos situados en el mango y el estimulador externo, masajeando su próstata y perineo al unísono.

Obtendrá contracciones potentes del suelo pélvico, un delicioso movimiento contra su punto P y hormigueos intensos que le llevarán al borde de un clímax explosivo. La tecnología Shape and Play le permite ajustar la punta y el ángulo del juguete, personalizando la forma y presión según sus preferencias.

Mide 10,16 cm insertables x 11,30 cm de circunferencia en su punto más ancho. Conexión cuatripolar, requiere un estimulador ElectraStim para crear sensaciones de electroestimulación.



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E-stim devices are definitely kinky

E-stim devices are definitely kinky, but they are perfectly safe if you know how to use them. I am always game to try something new, and Im very thankful that my Wife is open-minded about it. We believe that anything which increases each others pleasure should be embraced, not repressed.<br /> <br /> The gift pack comes with ElectraStims proprietary Flick Duo TENS unit (the unit that creates the electrical impulses). If you are unfamiliar with TENS units, the Flick Duo is designed specifically for sexual gratification. There are two separate lead-wire outlets which give you total control over the different leads (wires) you insert. The impulses range from 1 to 25. Level 25 is extremely high, and its intolerable in some areas. For penis stimulation, I hover around level 18. For prostate stimulation, since its an internal organ surrounded by soft tissue, I can go up to level 22 or 23.<br /> <br /> What makes this unit unique from other kits is the software. The patterns are specially designed to provide pulsations and rhythms that are unlike the other TENS units Ive tried. In fact, one of the rhythms (when using the cock rings) felt as though someone was actually jerking me off. When I used the cock rings with the electo-prostate massager, I felt as though someone was pressing on my prostate while stroking my penis simultaneously.<br /> <br /> The Flick Duo also has a unique twist to the classic design, in that you can turn on the flick setting. Here, you can manually turn, flick, jostle it, etc, and thereby, create your own patterns, peaks, and valleys. To some, it might be gimmicky, but to others, this allows even more control over the patterns and sensations they can experience.<br /> <br /> Now, onto the prostate massager itself. This is quad polar, silicone wrapped prostate massager that, I would say, is medium to large in size. If you are not comfortable with prostate massage just yet, then I suggest something small until you can work up to this. Using the water-based lube that came with the kit, the massager was easy to insert. Remember to always use water-based lube with silicone products. Silicone lube can melt silicone products over time, and that can get expensive.<br /> <br /> Once it was inside me, I cycled my way through the settings. My favorites were settings 1, 7, and 8. After a while of enjoying the massage I felt through electrical impulses, I decided to pull out the pins that stimulated the perineum and put them on the cock rings (which are sold separately).<br /> <br /> The cock rings (sold separately) were a bit tricky to figure out, because I was lazy and didnt read the directions. So, I had a prostate massager pulsating inside me while I was fumbling around with electrodes. Eventually, when they failed to work, I read the directions. Bottom line: Put one lead into one cock ring, and one lead into the other. This creates the closed loop needed for e-stim. Once the were on properly, the feelings were incredible.<br /> <br /> Immediately, I was erect. The combination of the prostate massager and the cock rings created a decent amount of pre-cum. Nothing grandiose, but enough to be a turn-on. When I set the pattern to 7 and 8, this is when the Flick Duo really worked its magic. For the longest time, the setup edged me closer and closer to ejaculation, but then the feeling of climax would back off. For some people, I think this product can make them orgasm hands-free. For me, maybe my head just wasnt in it. The feelings were incredible, and the whole system worked perfectly. However, every time I got close to orgasm, my mind would get in the way like there was a block there.<br /> <br /> Eventually, I couldnt take it anymore, and masturbated to climax (while keeping the unit running). The orgasm that followed was intense, but different. The ejaculate seemed to ooze out of me, rather than squirt as typical. The orgasm itself lasted almost twice as long as standard masturbation. Overall, the experience left me satisfied and ready for a nap.<br /> <br /> E-stim, for me, is like a sweet dessert. Using it feels really, really good, but I wont use it every day. There is a lot to set up, break down, and clean. The overall experience is well worth the hassle, but if used too frequently, it might lose its luster. At this point, Im curious to try some of the other products in ElectraStims line, because they all look like they could get me off. If you are someone on the fence about trying e-stim, I highly encourage you to experiment with it. Yes, it can be expensive, but spend your money on stuff that brings you joyand who doesnt like a good orgasm?<br /> <br /> For Sexually Secure's Video Review please see the Video Tab above.

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