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Bucle de caucho conductor de 6,5 mm de espesor.


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Bucle de caucho conductor de 6,5 mm de espesor.

Choque de ajuste mecanizado CNC hecho de palanquillas de aluminio de grado aeronáutico.

Acabado en color anodizado que protege la superficie y aísla el estrangulador para que el lazo de goma reciba toda la potencia de estimulación.

Ajustable hasta 60 mm de diámetro.

2mm pines compatibles con todos los estimuladores ElectraStim (se venden por separado)


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Most amazing cock rings ever!

The build quality of the Prestige Electraloops is far superior to any other adjustable e-stim cock rings Ive ever had. For that matter, theyre higher quality than any regular (non-e-stim) cock rings Ive ever had. At 6.5mm thick, the rubber loop is strong, durable, and stays on tightly. The 2mm pin connectors hold the leads in securely. And, the current that passes through these is consistent and evenly spread.<br /> <br /> In the past, I tried some cheap cock rings from other stores. When I put them on and turned on the power box (they made a cheap one that ended up just hurting), the electric current was way too focused on one or two spots. It created an intolerable amount of pain to my frenulum, and it felt like it was burning through my penis.<br /> <br /> Electrastim charges a higher price, because they have a superior quality product. When I put these on, I was scared that they were going to do the same thing as those ones from discount stores. Not at all. The current was as gentle or as violent as I wanted it to be. There was no burning sensation. It was complete relaxation with a mind-blowing hands-free orgasm at the end.<br /> <br /> If I could give these six stars, I would. Most amazing cock rings ever!

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ery good quality

I really like this product, it's very good quality and would make an ideal present for a loved one. The advertising from ElectraStim claims that they are for the connoisseur and I heartily agree with that as with this price tag they are the most expensive cock loops that I have seen so far, that said though the price is entirely justified as these cock loops are definitely beautiful to behold and they work very well indeed. Whilst there are cheaper options out there if you are looking for something with a touch of class then the ElectraLoops will be right up your street.

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